Tired of Doing Work Your Just
Not Passionate About? 
If your not doing work you love, regret can set in 
and you may feel these symptoms...
* I Don't Feel Like Getting Out of Bed in the Morning
* I Don't Feel Passion for Life Anymore
* I Know There is Something Greater I Am Called To
* I Know I Should Be Making More Money
* I Know What I Want But Don't Know How To Make Money With It
* I Like What I'm Doing but I Want to Have a Greater Impact
If ANY of these feelings sound familiar
there is a reason you've been called to this page 
Can you picture yourself making plenty of money 
doing what you love and having a significant
impact on the lives of others? 
You are Born With Natural Gifts, Talents 
and Passion for a Good Reason 
Work So Fulfilling You Would Do It Even if You Were Not Being Paid
Seeing the Smiles As You Have a Positive Impact on the Lives of Others
Hearing Appreciation from People Who Love How You Help Them

Being Rewarded....Making Plenty of Money
Having the Home and Relationship of Your Dreams
Traveling the World and Living in Luxury

Is This Experience Possible for You?
The Answer is Yes...
The Art of Self Reinvention
A Free Coaching Session to Help You...
Discover Your Natural Gifts
Create Freedom Doing What You Love
Remove ANY Barriers That May be Holding You Back
Get Expert Guidance to Expand Your Income
Establish Powerful New Habits
End Procrastination 
Greetings, If we have not met before, I am Gieo Pensoneault
and I help people to discover thier natural gifts and apply them to creating a business, career or social impact project
Doing what they love 
Gieo Pensoneault
Watch the video to discover how The Art of Self Reinvention
Coaching Session will help identify your natural gifts 
to make what you love into what you do
Identify Your Purpose and Passion
Create More Meaning, Money and Freedom  
Normally $197.00  
For a Limited Time Your Investment $000.00 
Schedule a Self Reinvention Coaching Session Now 
Hear What others are Saying....  
 "Thumbs all the way up for Gieo’s The Art of Reinvention class. 
I found his class extremely helpful, insightful and empowering"

  Morganne Leigh - Santa Fe, NM 
"Gieo advised us on how to attract and sell to high net worth clients. As a result, we are now working on design-build projects in the $100K plus price range. I recommend speaking with Gieo and learning how to attract better clients and end the frustration of low profit margin work"

Dianna Matlack  -  Saint Petersburg, Florida 
"Gieo worked extensively with me on the messaging and design for 
The Steve Beaman Group. He took the time to learn about me, 
my objectives and goals. I highly recommend him for anyone 
who wishes to launch an information product on the WEB"

Steve Beaman  -  Saint Charles, Illinois 
"Gieo helped me identify who my ideal customer is and then build a digital guide that has served as a way to grow my list 
of potential clients."

Una Viggiani  -  Denver, Colorado 
"I contracted with Gieo to develop a video training series for our company. Gieo was great to work with--very creative and professional. 
I was extremely pleased with the finished content and highly 
recommend his services"

Dan Puthuff  -  Pheonix, Arizona 
  This is a Limited Time Offer 
for a Self Reinvention Coaching Session
The Cost?  $0 
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